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Connect Retail Pro to Amazon and ebay

Integrate with Amazon and ebay with your web store, POS, and other back-end systems.

24Seven Channel

24Seven Channel empowers brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products on web stores and in global marketplaces, such as, Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc.

The 24Seven Channel integrates with in-store Point-of-Sale systems,such as, Retail Pro, Microsoft RMS, Tally Soft, Yellow Dog, Tally.ERP and automatically synchronizes inventory across all the marketplaces.

The solution adds values while increasing customer satisfaction and provides better operational efficiency to merchants. This, in turn, results into reduced costs and higher profit margins.

24Seven Channel integrates with Point-of-Sale system at one end and marketplaces & web storefront at the other end.

POS Marketplaces Integration

POS integration with 24Seven ChannelPOS integration with 24Seven Channel

In this integration, the product details migrate from POS database to 24Seven Channel database. Information such as SKUs, product names, descriptions, multiple prices, stocks and images are transferred from POS to 24Seven Channel. This product information is stored in a specific format and is uploaded automatically to 24Seven Channel and minimizes data redundancy. Apart from, the synchronization between the two databases can be lower down to one minute.

POS Marketplaces integrationPOS integration with Online Marketplaces

This part of integration allows retailers to upload and sell their POS inventory on multiple marketplaces simultaneously. This helps retailers to reach out to new consumer base and cross geographical boundaries for business expansion. The product information that is uploaded from Point-Of-Sales (POS) to 24Seven Channel can be edited and is again uploaded to online marketplaces.

Conversely, all the web orders that are received on the marketplaces are downloaded into 24Seven Channel which are further downloaded to POS for processing.

POS - Channel - 24Seven CartPOS integration with 24Seven Cart

Retailers, who are thinking about starting their own web stores, can also get it integrated with their respective POS systems. They can upload their physical store’s inventory to 24Seven Cart based web storefront via 24Seven Channel. This integration is a two way process of uploading product information and downloading web orders into POS.

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