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24Seven Cart offers the most reliable and profit-making solutions for those Tally.ERP 9 users who want to set up ecommerce stores and sell online. We have successfully merged the power of 24SevenCart online store solution with the mighty Tally ERP environment. Our Tallylink application bridges Tally ERP’s product database with the retailer’s 24SevenCart based online store and establishes a two-way communication channel between the two platforms.

The Tally ERP integrated online store system follows a series of processes. These are:

Process I: Uploading product information from Tally.ERP 9 to the online store

Linking Tally 9.0 ERP (at the retailer’s environment): Tallylink takes product information including images, product variants, pricing details, discounts etc. from Tally.ERP 9 and converts those to a format readable by the online store (XML feed). The application interacts only with the product information section without intervening in other operations anywhere in the entire system.

Updating online database (takes place at the online store): Product details are fed to the 24SevenCart-based online store; new products are added and any existing product is updated. The online store’s inventory is updated and the visitors get to see the latest product catalogue. The activity takes place in one single go. In other words, hundreds of products are updated almost instantly in one single action.

Process II: Online ordering process at the 24SevenCart-based ecommerce website

Now that the online store is updated with new product information, the visitors purchase the products following the checkout system of 24SevenCart and all order information are saved duly in the online database along with shipping, invoicing and customers’ personal details. The process continues 24X7.

Process III: Downloading order details into Tally.ERP 9

Here is the best part of the application- i.e. harvesting FRESH orders from the online store!

Order downloading activity: Tallylink communicates once again with the online store and ‘asks’ if there is any fresh order or not there. If it finds new orders in the online store system, it downloads the complete order information including the product(s) purchased in that order with quantity and variants, shipping information, order amount, customer information and everything else included in the order. A unique reference number as generated at the online store identifies each order. The entire process can be either pre-scheduled, which means Tallylink can be set to download orders AUTOMATICALLY after definite intervals (staring from 30 seconds to several hours) or can be done manually using the “Download Orders” button.

Updating Tally.ERP 9 database: The downloaded orders are now fed to Tally’s system. The process updates the inventory in Tally.ERP 9, add new customer details or update the existing ones (if the customer did any purchase in the past) and updates the order management system.

Tallylink with 24SevenCart ecommerce solution can reduce the operational cost of managing online store by almost 90%. Instead of managing data (including data entry, order management, customer records and so on) at two different places, a retailer can now make the entries only once and use it in both the environment. The seamless synchronized process can help retailer to reduce operation cost besides opening up excellent opportunities to garner more sales through online means.

To sell online with Tally.ERP 9, there is nothing better than Tallylink with 24SevenCart!

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