10 Ways to Make Smooth Landing Possible

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Make Smooth Landing PageSearch engines usually do not direct your visitors to the best landing page on your site. How you optimize on your landing page makes a lot of difference to your customer retention efforts. Read on below for ten useful things that you can do to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your landing page. These ways will help you convert visitors into customers.

Do not make it long and drab
Web users have short attention spans. So, if you make the landing page long and drab and visitors do not encounter inspiring call of action lines or useful information related to their search object, they are sure to switch to another website. Focus on writing short, compact and crisp content. You can use highlights, prominent headlines, point format and an attractive combination of paragraphs and short sentences.

Focus on the offer
Do not provide too many links in the landing page because they distract visitors away from your offer. You can use one link, probably using your logo or tagline, to link to your main page. but other than refrain, refrain from providing a means which can take visitors’ attention off your offer.

Simplicity is the key
Avoid clutter on landing page. Keep it simple and to the point. Do not provide unnecessary information because it will not only distract your visitors but also make them lose interest in your page. Pages should look clean, well organized, comfortable to read and pleasing to the eye. Leave blank spaces. Highlight certain content to draw attention. Too much info can work against you.

Adopt a simple form
Do not request too much info from visitors because it draws them away from your page. Basic information such as name, email address, phone number and company are adequate. A short simple form is much more likely to be filled when compared to a lengthy form which could rob you of the information which you could have got.

Design page to be similar to the ad
A simple trick is to ensure that your landing page corresponds to your ads in visual appeal. So, visitors can pay more attention to your page. Also, if you use certain catchy phrases and provide offers in your ad, make sure that such information is highlighted on the landing page.

Bring in variations
You can try different variations with call to action text. This is something which you have to keep evolving. If you find that something works better than others, incorporate it on a large scale. You can try using a variation in language style, placement, page payout and text format.

Continuous reviewing is essential
Before your content goes online, it is essential to check for meticulousness several times. Do not leave out important information and avoid mistakes of all kinds, be it grammatical, spellings or errant information. Such errors could tarnish your reputation very undesirably.

Brand your landing page
It is important to put your company name, tagline and logo on the landing page. Customers trust a branded page better than an unbranded one. Make sure to highlight the brand quotient, irrespective of your recognition.

Quick response ensures better conversion
In order to succeed in your campaign, you should respond quickly to your new contacts. Try things such as automated response system and follow up with more information about the company.

Market boldly
Call to act text should be highlighted and should immediately catch attention. Repeat these texts several times throughout the page. Focus on the offer.

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