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High-ranking If you are looking for a proven way of increasing your ranking on the search engine, you can check out 24SevenCart. The store builder has a significant array of features that make it possible to build a website in a very SEO friendly manner.

Dynamism does not always help

SEO is not inclined towards pages which are generated from a database dynamically. They have an inclination towards pages which are pre generated. When you use 24SevenCart, you get the benefit of pre-generated pages and can create pages which are static. These kinds of pages are easily identified and indexed by the crawlers. With these pages, the response time of your website to customers is accelerated.


Title field of every page is created using HTML coding. It is the title which appears in the search result. 24SevenCart includes HTML title fields in the page title, thereby increasing the chances of gaining an increase in rank. The title field can be manually reset by swapping a user friendly Wizard with the text.

Meta tags

Meta tags are very essential or indexing. These are invisible content which is added to each page. So, they are not visible to the visitor but are spotted by search engine spiders. 24SevenCart generates automatic Meta tags and these can be very effectively instrumental in increasing your ranking. With 24SevenCart, tags are generated based on introductory lines of each page. You can use the Wizard provided by the store builder to edit, add or delete Meta tag keywords. Meta tags are displayed during search results.

Website maps

With 24SevenCart, your page maps are automatically generated. This works in favor of search engines because the ease of indexing is enhanced. You can see the website maps by clicking the shop title. The store builder generates XML map of the website which is in accordance with open format Sitemaps format required in Yahoo, Ask, Microsoft and Google.

Alt tags and title

If you move your cursor over images in some of the websites, you can find small letter popping up. These are called alt tags and are rich in terms of SEO. These tags can be used to enhance search engine ranks by repeating rich keywords. When you use 24SevenCart, the process of setting up alt tags becomes absurdly simple. You can do it by just double clicking on the image.

SEO friendly address

Sites are best optimized when their addresses are unique and static. With 24SevenCart, you can generate such addresses with enhanced ease.

URL names should be customized

24SevenCart allows you to customize URL name so as to include keywords. The search engine indexing increases since name of the search word is included in the URL.


When you use 24SevenCart, linking efficiency of the site increases multifold. As you increase the number of links in your website, the chances of higher ranks and more indexing increases. More links also give you a bigger edge over your competitors, despite all other factors being equal. The site builder includes functions that enable you to establish affiliate businesses, thereby increasing your profitability, visibility and ranking.


Adding bold headlines and highlights do not just catch the attention of your target customers; they catch attention of search engine spiders as well. 23SevenCart converts important text into headlines automatically.

So, while 24SevenCart is a great way of optimizing your website automatically, you also have to put in more efforts with regard to content, images and text. For everything else, there is 24SevenCart.

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