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Optimize Local SearchesIt is not enough for web based store locator pages to provide basic information like physical addresses of different businesses. The pages need to house more comprehensive information such as working hours, holidays, services, name of the business owner, contact numbers and other related information which can be of use to searchers. Usually, searchers look for this kind of information and a locations page to cater to this requirement.

For the searchers, when they undertake a search on search engine pages, it does well to zero in on specific requirements such as “greenwood thrift stores” so that the results that the search engine spews out are not out of context.

Finding a top place in search engine organic searches and Place locators

The problem with search engine results is that when a searcher requests information about a business, it directs him to the home page of the website, which does not contain contact or location information. For businesses which have both online and physical presence, the benefit is that they rank in both search lists – organic results as well as local places list. However, the ranking of the business is different in both these lists because parameters involved in deciding the rank are different. The presence of the business’s name in multiple places such as social media, yellow pages and others, increase its rank on Places list. Parameters such as links, site map and title tags enhance position on organic list.

Store owners do not pay a lot of attention towards optimizing the site for organic searches because these searches require specific data such as zip code and precise address. Unless precise and detailed information is mentioned, the store fails to appear on a higher position in organic search lists. Subsequently, efforts of a business to divert potential website visitors to visit its online store to its land based store do not work effectively. Indexing is also not effective in a lot of instances because results are all mixed up and cover a larger geographical area.

What searchers actually look for is a system that can take them to specific web pages of online stores where they can get all information. This is possible by writing individual URLs for every page and having them indexed. Unless this is done, the precisely required page cannot be displayed for local searchers. Example of a company which has managed to combine Place and organic rankings by using this way is Best Buy. By providing individual URLs, the site has achieved food rank in both forms of searches.

Stores which do not have a land based extensions

Stores which do not have multiple land based extensions should use the location of their headquarters to rank high in both the above mentioned lists. Businesses which are based in small cities find it tough to draw more traffic. However, optimizing on the one available headquarter location can bring significant amount of profits even if the number of sales are low. So, optimizing on store locator pages for SEO can really be highly beneficial for all businesses, especially those which do not have land based retail outlets.

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