Why Does SEO Bring Delayed Results?

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SEO Results People who are associated with SEO are well aware that it is a time consuming process. But why does it have to be time consuming when paid marketing campaigns spew up results with almost immediate effect? There are a lot of things that play an important role in deciding the effectiveness and turnaround time of a SEO campaign. Read on below to know more.

Results shown for SEO are a long drawn process because there are a lot of operations involved in its completion. The campaign has to be conceived, developed, implemented and then, search engines have to index them. Results have to be analyzed and campaign has to be upgraded to make it more effective and speed up the process. In all, the process takes anywhere between six months to a year. Here is a step by step analysis of the various process involved.


SEO begins with analyzing the website and detailed recommendations need to be developed so as to obtain the consent of various departments involved in the campaign such as the technical staff, marketing personnel and others. The first step takes about two weeks to a month.

Sell recommendations

Once a strong set of recommendations are developed, the developers need to convince organizations. The project has to be given top priority in terms of development and marketing. The process takes anywhere between one week and many months depending on the efficiency of the company. Returns on individual aspects such as keyword usage and link building need to quantified, which is a very difficult task, especially because all of them are deeply interlinked.


The most effective and the fastest way to prioritize is to zero in on five recommendations which can give you maximum ROI. This can save you a lot of confusion and time. Once the five aspects are implemented, you can begin work on other recommendations. If you donít prioritize, the process can take anywhere between a few weeks and a few months.


The next step is development. It takes time for this step to complete. When this stage is planned and done, including testing, the marketing campaign is set for launch.

Search engineís role begins

After you complete your task and launch the campaign, the search engineís job begins. The bots need to index and rank the pages in accordance with their long algorithms. Considering that there are trillions of web pages that have to be indexed, the search engine crawlers might take months to find your web page and index it. There are websites and apps which can give you the latest indexing status and cache date.

Tips to accelerate the process

The best way to speed up the process is to optimize on the first part of it, where you have control over the processes. You cannot control search engine process very effectively. SEO projects have to be prioritized meticulously so as to reduce process time. Webmasters should give all their support to SEO professionals so that the campaign can be sped up.

SEO can be sped up by submitting latest XML map of the site to search engine webmaster tools. You can use Googlebot facility. You can increase indexing rate by uploading new content and building more links. However, you cannot change the speed at which the ranking of your site changes.

Finally, ensure that your campaign is launched live on the web at least three months before your expected performance date. By doing this, you can increase chances of a good rank by your taget date.

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