Affect of Google’s Hummingbird on the eCommerce store

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Hummingbird on the eCommerce storeIt’s always Google’s update that has been the point of concern for most of the webmasters and SEO experts. Any kind of updates announced by Google causes stir among the strategies designed by them. The latest update announced by Google is about search engine algorithm named Hummingbird.

The basic purpose of this update is to reduce the emphasis on matching keywords and perceiving the exact meaning of the search sentence. The updated algorithm produces more semantic meaning of the search phrases. This helps in giving more answers for Google search rather than the results of the exact words searched.

These semantic results are less likely predictable and enable niche retail web store owners to get higher rank in SERPs when a complex phrase is searched. Additionally, this is also useful in dealing with the mobile or voice based searches which may not include keywords. The basic idea is to encrypt search results so that Google displays those results that are not shown earlier. This didn’t offer much idea about web traffic that is coming to the web site.

Influence of Hummingbird on eCommerce

The traditional method used in optimizing keywords to fetch higher ranking in the Google SERPs is not going to be helpful. SEO experts & webmasters need to adopt various techniques to adapt according to the new updates of Google.

  • Different aspects of the search words to be included- Webmasters & SEO experts need to understand the exact question related to the search keywords. They need to consider different aspects related to the meaning & usage of search words used. Webmasters & SEO experts need to understand from the customer point of view; what phrase they are going to write to search about the products and services.
  • Focusing on phrases or long-tail words- It is helpful in using phrases with keywords or long-tail words as they are not only associated with the keywords but also offers meaning relative to the keywords. By designing the content around those long-tail words ensures customers have more information regarding the topic searched.
  • Building communities or forums- Designing a forum or community helps online customers in clarifying their questions or doubts related to products or services. It offers them a much-needed space to seek information about the products or their usage and other aspects associated with it. A question-answer like discussion or topic in an interrogative statement helps customers to seek their specific queries.
  • Use of microdata & rich snippets- Presence of microdata & rich snippets in the web site ensure Google scrawls the web site. The microdata help in highlighting the information regarding prices, dates, location, description, products in the SERPs. This creates credibility among the consumers by offering information beforehand.

A flurry of changes has affected the way how webmasters are operating their websites of their companies. The hummingbird’s impact is just an indication about the changes that the webmasters & SEO experts need to accommodate in their web store’s site.

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