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Initial CustomersEncouraging the initial online visitors to stopover, search and finally purchase from that online store is one of the biggest problems that online retailers are facing. The increased competitions among the online retailers are making it difficult to approach and grab the customers for their online stores.

However, online retailers can adopt the following techniques to inspire customers to shop through their online stores.

  Rewarding customers with free offers

Online retailers can offer freebies, initially, to get the word out and increase the customer base. A few freebies that they can consider:

  • Free sample or special gift for first time customers.
  • Free shipping
  • Buy 2 items, Get 1 free for new first time customers
  • Offering discount codes for new customers

Moreover, it’s not only about driving online customers to finally make purchases through the web store, online retailers get the chance to expand their email subscribers list. Retailers can make obligatory to register mail IDs to enjoy the freebies.

  Utilize Social Networking

Social media networks make it easy for online retailers to display and engage online customers with their product offering. It also gives a chance to them to know about the latest subjects that online customers are discussing among themselves and directly interacting with them. This creates a cohesive environment to promote their products  & services to the potential customers. Social media networking also offers flexibility to highlight any promotional information or deals to the potential customers. And lastly, all these activities are helpful in establishing the brand for online stores.

  Online advertising:

An effective advertisement strategy helps in establishing brand in front of the targeted demographic profile customers and pushes traffic to the web store. Advertising programs consist of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads etc. However, to perform this task, the online retailers need to do some initial research about the budget & the audience to whom these ads are directed.

  Effective online content:

An effective content is the key to drive traffic towards your online store. Online retailers can offer something lucrative to the online customers to encourage and engage them. Online retailers can use blog posts, videos related articles so as to create interest among online customers. It is not mandatory to generate content only for driving sales to the web store. Online retailers can design content in such a way that is informative enough to hold the interest of the online visitors.

  Using online marketplaces:

Online retailers can use marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy to upload their products by integrating them with their web stores. This gives them a chance to use the already established brand and large customer base of the marketplaces. This simplifies the cumbersome task of building trust & visibility among the online visitors. Online retailers can offer incentives to those customers who had purchased from the marketplaces to start purchasing directly from their online stores.

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