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Integrating marketplaces with the online stores Online Marketplaces Integration

Online retailers always try to maximize exposure for their online stores. And the most populous way  to do this is to integrate major marketplaces with your web stores. This helps in catching wider range of customers by displaying the online store’s product on them.

Online marketplaces are the websites that collect product information from multiple sellers and display them on their storefronts. It helps online customers compare products before making final purchases. However, to operate under such an environment, such as running an eCommerce store with multiple channel,  is a cumbersome task. It requires to operate every channel smoothly.

Tracking sales & administering inventories on various channels requires seamless integration between the different channels. 24Seven shopping cart offers seamless integration with different marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay,, and to offer a single point to operate all online channels.

How it Works

Web store enabled with 24Seven Cart sends a product feed from the online store to marketplaces. This information is uploaded in a specific format in the various marketplaces. It allows the product data such as images, product descriptions, their multiple prices, any promotional offer, their attributes, the quantity etc. to appear on the marketplaces.

Benefits of synchronizing web store with the Amazon, eBay etc

  • Maximum exposure: Marketplaces offer a distinct brand awareness of themselves which can be utilized for getting an attention of the final customers who are visiting them.
  • Tapping global audiences: Web store in-sync with marketplaces gives an opportunity to the online retailers to offer their products to the local customers.
  • Using established infrastructure: Online retailers are not required to develop any infrastructure. They can use the established structure of the marketplaces and get associated with a recognized brand.
  • Savings on marketing efforts: Since the web stores are going to be integrated with an established marketplace, online retailers need not to spend on the marketing of their web stores.
  • Measurable results: Online retailers can measure the results based on the sales done through marketplaces or the revenue generated or the number of products sold through them. It also gives insights about the overall performance of the web store in domestic & international market.
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