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Organic  eCommerce SEOeCommerce companies always try different techniques to market & promote about themselves so that they are able to get the maximum number of customers. Companies resort to various online marketing programs so as to create brand awareness about the company.

This in-turn creates brand identity in the online space and help companies in getting higher ranking in the SERPs or in the organic search results. A recent study conducted by the customer analytics company, Custora, shows that customers who visits the web store due to organic search stays loyal to the online store and has higher ‘lifetime value’.

‘Lifetime value’ of the customer is the benefit derived from the association of a customer with the web store. A higher ‘lifetime value’ shows more benefits a customer can offer in the long term basis. eCommerce companies focus on this value as they need a lot of repeat customers who had earlier purchased from them.

Significance of Content
To get higher ranking in the SERPs, it is important to have a robust SEO strategy. Any kind of update by Google in its algorithm affects the ranking of the eCommerce companies in the SERPs. eCommerce companies are especially affected by such updates in Google’s algorithm due to multiple pages & less content on it.

To deal with this, eCommerce companies need to create distinctive and valuable content. There are a few points that need to be taken care in this regard. First one is related to duplicate content and other is associated with keywords. Crafting a distinctive and original content is helpful I avoiding the duplicate content. Similarly, keywords can be managed by using it judiciously as there are chances of keywords stuffing in the content. The best way is to use to once or twice in the whole content & design content focusing on it.

Don’t forget Social channel
Even if the ‘lifetime value’ of the social media channel is low as compared to organic search, retailers need not forget the importance of social media. It also helps in creating ranking in organic search.

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