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Microsoft Dynamics RMS IntegrationSecurity is one of the basic aspects of an ecommerce store. You may be a reputed seller with a big brick-and-mortar store running a retail management system like the one provided through Microsoft Dynamics RMS; there is no guarantee that customers will opt for your online store even though they have opportunities to purchase products at a discount. To ensure that online shoppers prefer your store, you will need to provide them with a secured environment to shop freely.

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics RMS to run your physical store, setting up a secured online store with an ASP shopping cart software will be a cakewalk for you. A reputed Microsoft Dynamics RMS shopping cart solution provider can help you to set the online store and connect it with the retail management system using a web integrator. In this way, critical information like customer records, transactional details, order information etc. will not be compromised as you are always backed by a complete secured platform supported by Microsoft.

Besides the overall security of your data synchronized through the web integrator, Microsoft Dynamics RMS integrated shopping cart provider will also ensure that the payment processing mechanism is also 100% safe. Unlike a free shopping cart, owning a proprietary-based ASP shopping cart software will give you the added advantage of utilizing the service providerís resources to reinforce the security in your checkout region. Besides complying to the industry standards like 100% PCI compliance system and data encryption features, the solution provider can also customize the checkout region to put extra-layers of security.

Your retail management system is the nerve center of your business. When you connect it to the online store powered by the ASP shopping cart software, your resources will also be available online. With a secured Microsoft Dynamics RMS based shopping cart, you can easily maneuver your resources to bring in more customers to your online store. By enabling the security features provided through Microsoft Dynamics RMS environment and using a payment gateway of repute, you will succeed to gain customersí trust and establish goodwill in the marketplace.

A shopping cart solution provider for Microsoft Dynamics RMS can also ensure that your online store is not affected by frauds, hackers or malicious activities. The service provider can provide you with options to block IP addresses, trace fraudulent orders, and maintain a robust server security to prevent hacking etc. Usually, the firewall systems and security-layers implemented in these servers are of highest standards and what you will always get is an error-free, smooth and safe system to do your business.

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