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online marketing platformsRetailers, whether big or small, adopts various marketing platforms so that they can engage with the prospective clients. Whether itís print media or TV & radio or an online marketing or direct mail or social media, companies spend millions of dollars to increase the market share in the industry.

However, before sparing the resources, retailers need to analyze that which platform is able to grab the maximum attention of the prospective customers and which platforms has got most users. It is possible that one platform works best for a retailer but doesnít work for another.

Therefore, online retailers need to be careful while choosing their marketing platforms. They shouldn’t have to spread their resources across multiple resources. Following are the points to be kept in mind while selecting an appropriate marketing platform:

  • Selecting platforms: The first & the foremost step is choosing a suitable marketing platform. Retailers need to select carefully after checking all the aspects of them. They need to be careful & vigilant about the kind of features each marketing platforms offer. There are possibilities that a particular marketing strategy works best for a company doesn’t work with others.
  • Identifying which platform customers are using: The online retailers need to find those platforms which are most used by their customers. Online retailers can get easily distracted by knowing the one of the marketing platform has the most number of users. Therefore, while making up your mind about the marketing platform, retailers need to consider about which platforms their customers are frequently using.
  • Collecting data: After identifying the relevant marketing platform, online retailers should use them so that they can analyze the results. Retailers should spend at least 3-4 weeks to get a clear picture about every platform by analyzing the data generated. They can evaluate and compare this data with the industry standard and check whether a platform is worth spending company’s resources.
  • Investing resources: After checking, identifying, gathering data, online retailers need to select the suitable marketing platform. They need to choose the best performing platforms as per their needs. By selecting a few platforms, online retailers can manage them effectively without spreading their resources thinly.
  • Staying focused: Retailers need to concentrate on selected platforms for the initial period. They need to derive the data from the chosen platform to find which platform is performing well.


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