Selling Online Tips to Increase Holiday Sales.

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Increase Holiday SalesOnline shopping industry is on a huge boom. With people of different countries spending billions of dollars in online shopping, it is only natural for businesspersons to shift their focus online. The trend has definitely taken roots and several small and medium businesses have opened online portals. The best thing about online stores is the high ROI which owners get to enjoy. By employing innovative sales tactics, especially during the holiday season, webmasters can optimize on the festivities and make good profits. Here are certain tips on selling in a holiday season.

Planning is the key

Be prepared for the holiday season. Equip your site to handle the extra traffic which is likely to come in during this time.

Make your site perfect

Before the holiday season sets in, step up your maintenance drive. Repair broken links, proofread and edit the content on your site, replace pictures and make your site look thoroughly professional.

Improve the speed of your site

Slow sites dampen the holiday spirit and you tend to lose out customers. So, reduce the loading time of your page so that your site performs quickly.

Catch up with the patches

Ensure that all patches are installed and tested before the site gets too busy to handle these essential functions. Upgrade them if required, but do it well before the season.

Upgrade site capacity

Make sure that your website is equipped to handle heavier traffic. Run load tests and upgrade your site so that it does not crash. If it does, it could be your worst nightmare. It is as bad as slamming the door of your store on your customerís face.

Keep track of transaction performance

This is a very important thing to do. Run sample transactions on your website frequently, perhaps, four to five times in an hour so that you get to know immediately if something is wrong with the way the transactions function. This gives you an edge because you can quickly rectify the problem so that your customers are not unduly inconvenienced.

Is your network provider good enough?

The efficiency of your website depends on the efficiency of the network provider. Compare the services of different network providers in your area so that you can choose the best one.

Offer cookies

Nobody can resist cookies, especially in the festival season. You can provide special tips for holiday celebrations, suggestions for the best gifts or creative decoration tips. These can hold the visitorís interest and you will come back to your site. You can also tempt them into buying things on your site with these tips and suggestions.

Enhance customer service

Customer service could be the key to good sales. Be prepared to handle more calls, mails and queries. Ensure that your customers get a real person when they call, rather than a recorded message. Make sure that your replies are efficient and clarify all aspects about your purchase, return and refund policies. Remind them about deadlines on offers and discounts.

Your search button should be user friendly 

Ensure easy navigability of your site by enhancing the search function. Display your merchandize in precise categories so that customers can find things which they are looking for without too much trouble. Common errors in spelling should not affect search function.

Improve unity between back and front office

Ensure seamless integration between the front and back office of your store so that orders are not mixed up and costs are not charged wrongly. This is more important in holiday season because sales load is higher and so is the probability of error.

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