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Servicing Customers via Social MediaSocial Media

Social media has offered a medium to communicate, not only with each other but with organizations. It gives a board to millions of customers to raise their voices in the public arena. Social customer service is a way of managing the customer responses on the social channels and a requirement for customer support.
An effective social customer service has different components such as social monitoring, social marketing and customer service. It involves unique practices, strategies and benefits that has the efficacy to derive social value from it.
The benefits of implementing social customer service:

  • Increased customer endorsement: A perpetual customer centric social media presence leads customers to share know-how about the product & the brand. A positive experience develops a smooth environment among the whole community of friends that increases the chances of endorsing a brand. Therefore, it is advisable to be active on the social media channels.
  • Increase in customer value: A Quality interaction in the social media encourages customers to collaborate and increases the propensity to spend by 20-40%. Consumer oriented companies such as CPG & consumer electronics focuses on using this as a competitive differentiator. It is not only limited to continuous interaction with the customers, but creating content that well engages with every online visitors.
  • Protecting brand reputation: Engaging & responding at the earliest with the customers itself creates a soothing milieu. Reciprocating to the dissatisfied customers immediately and minimizing the negative experience ultimately leads to brand development.
  • New business opportunities: Social customer service allows customers to vocal issues with company’s agents. It creates an optimistic environment for displaying new promotions or festive offers and also offering suggestions for making final purchases. It helps in resolving similar queries as customers can check the comments posted on the social channels.
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