Synchronizing Point of Sale Systems with eCommerce Stores

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eCommerce POS SystemThe ever-changing technology and its application has helped the end users of it in one way or the other. And it’s not the end usage that has changed with its application, but it also revolutionized the whole process, starting from manufacturing to sales & further to after-sales service.

Every industry has its own specialized set of applied technology that it uses. For example, retail industry uses point of sale systems to manage the retail operations of any physical store. It helps in managing various retail functions such as inventory management, order management, payment processing and also manages the promotions offered by the brick and mortar stores.

Lately, the further advancement in the technology has further changed the way the retail industry operates. This has prompted the retailers to cull and start operating in the online space. The added features & round-the-clock operations have led the retailers to opt for this eCommerce vertical.

The web stores come with extra features which are not present at any point of sale applications such as social media promotions, shipping etc. This led the retailers operating in the retail sector to opt for an online store. Adding another channel simultaneously with physical stores is tempting, however, managing both the channels at one go is a laborious task.

These technology platforms if operated separately consume more time and other resources. To utilize the resources efficiently while using such technology applications, online stores are coming up with the integrated point of sale applications.

Shopping cart softwares such as 24Seven Cart offers integration with various point of sale applications like Microsoft RMS, Retail Pro ®, VRP and Tally to give more options to the users of such POS to opt for online vertical. The synchronization of these two different technologies has various benefits like the retailers need not to update these platforms separately. Therefore, no annual data entry is required.

Synchronized platforms offer smooth transferring of product data such as price and quantity, product attributes and out-of-stock items between both the platforms. Additionally, it is possible to schedule this sharing and transferring of information. Online retailers can even manually control this information sharing process.

Product related information are uploaded from point of sale machines to the web stores and customers’ order related information is downloaded vice versa in the POS systems. Additionally, integration also offers flexibility to upload the same product related information on various marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon etc.


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