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LAN Services invites- Let’s fight against recession together!

February 6, 2009: Gone are the days when retailers were flying high. Not long ago, the retail industry was one of the fastest growing sectors in many countries. With endless job opportunities and growing shopping malls, economy was at a boom.

Now retailers are hurting like never before. With few exceptions, the economic slump has been smashing the retail sector badly. U.S. retail sales declined by 2.7 percent during November 2008 as compared to November 2007. Likewise, 1.2 million job cuts were made in the United States last year. Industries like - catalog showrooms, clothing, shoes, drug stores, electronics stores, grocery stores and supermarkets – are suffering the impact of the recession.

The government is doing its own part to stimulate the economy, but it is the duty of each and every individual to work out on the so-called causes of recession. An outstanding out of the box approach is needed to combat tough times but, unfortunately, there is no magic formula. If retailers want to survive, they need to think extraordinary, they just cannot move forward with the same processes they were applying before. Hard times require tough decisions to be taken.

One of the ways retailers can retain or expand their business is by starting a web store since, running a web store is done at a fraction of the costs of a brick and mortar store. Although less demanding, it can still be very challenging to launch a new website. You have to create an ecommerce website, upload your store inventory, add images and keep on top of pricing, so as you can imagine, finding the right partner for such a task is critical.

With Microsoft Dynamic RMS as your point of sale system, LAN Services can make launching an ecommerce site as simple as possible and affordable. They can automate the process of uploading inventory, updating prices and downloading orders to stay on top of your additional business without the need for a technical expert in your back office.

Considering the current market, LAN Services have recently launched a Recession Buster Promotion. Until Feb 22, 2009, LAN Services is offering free website hosting for six months for all new RMS cart installations, saving $474 over the six months. Retailers can then invest this saving in marketing the website and generating increased traffic and sales.

In a statement, Mr. Anil Jindal, CEO of LAN Services explained, “There is a raft of additional services that LAN Services offer to make our customers’ businesses more successful. We provide free training, free technical support, free customer support, free store front setup, search engine optimization, maintenance, email addresses, daily backups and storage with 99.99% uptime.”

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