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About Quilted Threads

Quilted Threads used RMS 24SevenCart integration‘Quilted threads’ is a premier shopping destination for sewers and quilters alike in the heart of Henniker, NH. It stores some of the most enticing collection of material, inspiration and solution, for designers’ needs. Apart from innumerable fabric rolls in variety of colors, quality and price, the shop also keeps an array of tools to assist in sewing and quilting designs and display a collection of books showcasing a wide variety of patterns, ideas and combinations. It is a one stop shop for quilters and sewers for all their enterprise needs and houses all the correct tools and combinations to be called a premier and niche destination.

General Store Information

  • 24SevenCart's License: Single Store
  • RMSlinks installed: One
  • RMS eCommerce Integration: YES
  • Hosted and Maintained by: LAN Services
  • Designed by: Quilted Threads
  • Customized by: LAN Services

Other information

  • Customer service system used: Phone, Email, Contact Us Form
  • Payment gateway(s):  Mercury Gateway
  • Shipping provider(s):  UPS, USPS
  • Accounting software:  Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)

Quilted Threads though had an Internet presence but was unable to harness its fruits. It was built on a PHP platform, which is not easy to maintain and is more prone to hacker attacks. In an era where change is inevitable, modifications make a way for bugs to creep in. So making the website bug-proof, functional and open to modifications was the first challenge.

Second challenge encountered was to transform to a commercially viable and efficient domain, maintaining its essence as a brick and mortar shop, which is premier destination for quilters and sewers alike.

The client uses Microsoft Retail Management System (MS RMS) to manage its inventory at store level. Although it works great as a point of sale system, it has its own set of disadvantages from an ecommerce point of view. It allows maximum of two level of product categorization and the products can be connected to only one category at a time. The client wanted a multi-level cataloguing option so that they could sort the products under various sub-categories like brand, size, patterns, colors, and material etc., for easy access to product data.

The third and most important was to ensure the ecommerce and RMS databases synchronized automatically. The purpose of the integration was to make sure product information, such as description, long description, pricing, etc. uploaded to the website and the website orders automatically downloaded into the point of sale system.
Listing products from RMS to Online Store

‘Quilted Threads’, like any other firm, wanted to multiply its revenue, harness the benefits of having web presence in an era of ecommerce and align its operations efficiently by reducing labor and errors. To increase the efficiency and revenue of ‘Quilted Threads’ we brought some major transformations:

We exported ‘Quilted threads’ PHP based database into 24SevenCart, which is built on Microsoft technology using ASP .Net storefront and MS SQL database.

Transferring the website from one operating platform to another, i.e. from PHP to ASP.NET, was the first step towards betterment. ASP.NET is universally faster than PHP, flexible and is object oriented, hence, it is easy to make modifications in 24Seven Cart. As mentioned earlier ‘modifications’ are inevitable in an era where change is the only permanent thing.

24Seven Cart, out of the box, fully integrates with Microsoft Retail Management System. Using it’s built in features, Quilted Threads continue to add, edit or remove items from their point of sale system. The point of sale system, in turn, updates the ecommerce website. The middle-ware called RMSlink automatically downloads the website orders into the point of sale system. The two-way synchronization ensures that Quilted Threads never reflects an out of stock item on their website.

24SevenCart software is exceptionally SEO responsive – so much so, that nearly 14,000 Quilted Threads pages were indexed in Google in the very first few days itself. Moreover, 24Seven Cart also updates the Meta tags by itself, which are quintessential tools to divert traffic to the website via search engine. It assists in making the URLs SEO friendly thus making them better ranked in search engine results.

We modified the category section exclusively for ‘Quilted Threads’ so that they are able to display multiple levels of product categories. This helps them overcome the point of sale limitation of only a 2-layered categorization of the items.

A PCI compliant payment gateway was also integrated to the check out. This provides security and confidence to buyers when purchasing good from the website.

Apart from the aforementioned, we offered multiple shipping methods and options.  Thus, the client was able to activate both Offline and Online shipping methods simultaneously for multiple shipping carriers, like USPS and UPS.

Thus, lending a complete online, offline solution to ‘Quilted Threads’ we contributed in increasing their revenue, expanding their market via online shopping cart integration and e-commerce solution. Also we considerably simplified their administration and running cost, by streamlining product categories, managing inventory and safekeeping data.

Product Attributes from RMS to eCommerce store

Winelink features:
arrowExclusively for wine retailers
spacerBusiness-specific fields/settings
spacer100% customizable
spacer Easy Credit Card processing
spacerWorks with existing POS
spacerMulti-location Support
spacerEasy deployment

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