Single Store RMS Integrated eCommerce Solution for Quilted Threads

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About Royal Board Shop

RMS integrated eStore built on 24SevenCart Platform‘Royal Board Shop’ is a brick and mortar retail outlet, famous among Canadians for the niche category of products it caters. It caters to the skater segment and is well-known for its collections of Longboards, Skateboards and Snowboards. It is a one stop shop for adventure paraphernalias like footwears, goggles, bindings, outer wear and other merchandise. The shop features an array of branded merchandise at a cost that gives you the best value for your money.

Operating through a physical store attracts customers of nearby localities only. In order to expand its operations, Royal Board

Shop needs a web store to cross the locational barriers and reach the untapped markets. But just having a mere ‘web presence’ is not enough- having a customizable web store with real- time updates is important.

General Store Information

  • 24SevenCart's License: Single Store
  • RMSlinks installed: One
  • RMS eCommerce Integration: YES
  • Hosted and Maintained by: LAN Services
  • Designed by: Royal Board Shop
  • Customized by: LAN Services

Other information

  • Customer service system used: Phone, Email, Contact Us Form
  • Payment gateway(s):  Mercury Gateway
  • Shipping provider(s):  UPS, USPS
  • Accounting software:  Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)

The merchant has been already using a Nitrosell shopping cart to sell RMS inventory online. Although the shopping cart did the most basic things well, it was unable to keep up the store growth and deliver required customization to further grow the online business.

One of the specific requirements of the client is of Gift baskets/ kits for products and associated discounts which requires choosing various items and putting them in the kit/ basket just like a first aid kit. The customer also wanted the latest technology so it would be easier to continue to grow the online store by adding new features.

Categorization: For solving the categorization issue, 24Seven Cart allows clients to display multiple product category levels. Integrating RMS with 24Seven Cart lets the client to display sub-categories beneath their respective parent categories.


Exporting Data through XML Data feeds:
One of the requirements from the client of was to generate a dynamic XML file so as to manage the home page hosted on a WordPress platform, while maintaining the rest of the site on 24Seven Cart platform.

24Seven Cart Application was able to provide the client with this flexibility by providing them the complete access to the codes, templates and database so as to have the site tailor-made as per the client’s requirements.

Item listed on webstore from Microsoft RMS

Customized Gift Baskets/ Kits
24Seven Cart offers the functionality to prepare a gift basket / kit where you can add any product. At the time of the checkout, a single line item display in the transaction for the whole gift basket and associated discounts are calculated at one go.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, we seamlessly integrated MS RMS with their online shopping website powered by 24SevenCart, by which, the client is able to avoid double data entry. They can upload product details from RMS to the website and download online sales orders from website to MS RMS database.

Build KIT Items on 24SevenCart

Winelink features:
arrowExclusively for wine retailers
arrowBusiness-specific fields/settings
arrow100% customizable
arrow Easy Credit Card processing
arrowWorks with existing POS
arrowMulti-location Support
arrowEasy deployment