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Microsoft Dynamics RMS offers a completely flexible platform to run your entire retail business. However, when it comes to editing data (a single record or a group), it turns into a humongous task. You want to increase the ‘PRICE A’ of all the items in a certain category by $10.00. Form your Store Operations, you will open every item, open the record, update the price, save it and move to the next record. So, if it is 100 records, you will do this exercise 100 times!
TILE (The-Item-List-Editor) is a crisp and wonderful application that can give a new life to your retail business! TILE can help you to optimize your RMS data to a great extent and that too - in 87% less time you spent normally on RMS to do so.
TILE can make the task of record editing and updating extremely easy. With TILE, you will simply open your RMS records in a grid-like view (as we have in MS-Excel), quickly apply one or more filters, use your mouse to select the records, right-click, enter the desired value and update. All 100 records will be updated in a flash! Our TILE development team has found a simple mathematical equation:
Time to edit 1.5 records in RMS = Time to edit 100+ records in TILE
  The TILE application helps you to enjoy unprecedented control over RMS. A few basic highlights of TILE are:
  Hierarchical user-mapping for multiple administrators – TILE supports multiple administrators and under them multiple users. You can set a profile for a team-member and assign him to update images only; set another to edit only pricing and so on.
View items with filters – You can set multiple-level filters on all the records in your RMS database. Once you filter a desired set of records, you can simply select a single row or groups of rows with your mouse, right-click and edit values corresponding to a certain field in ONE GO!
Click here to see the complete item view display!
Fig 2: Multiple records selected for field 'PriceB' Fig 3: Multiple-record update criteria
Matrix management – TILE gives you options to manage the matrix items in your RMS. Enable the Variation and the Parent Filter in your TILE configuration. The item view will offer you with additional options to filter out every matrix item and edit these separately.
24sevencart rmslink
Fig 4: Managing matrix item (click here to enlarge) Fig 5: Setting RMSlink path to image directory
Manage your images – Images are extremely necessary when you take your retail store online and it is important that you display these either in proportionate sizes or in fixed sizes in line with your product pages. Now, forget those bulky, odd-sized images! TILE gives you two useful options – you can either resize the proportionately as per the original image or display the images at a fixed size.

(Image uploading process is faclilitated through a customized FTP console. Click here to view the screenshot.)

Fig 5: Configuration for image and matrix settings
Precision and speed – TILE is extremely light (occupies only 7MBs in your system) and is methodically tested. Naturally, the data management functionalities that TILE offers are 100% secure and precise.
Download a free copy of TILE and give a new rhythm to your retail business!
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